Week 5 / by MK luff

Hans Haacke “News”

This piece reminds me how absolutely overwhelming the news is. Perhaps when this piece was first installed the number of news sources to pull information from was smaller, but imagining attempting to print out news like that today when we have a constant stream of updates: you would be buried alive under computer paper within minutes. . The world we live in influences the art we make, and we can not isolate ourselves from that. We must interact with the world we are surrounded by, but with how technology has evolved the thought of continuously interacting with news is draining. At some point we need to set boundaries with the world around us, for our own sanity.

Necro Enema Amalgamated “BLAM!”

Aggressive, spastic, vulgar - I wish I could have experienced BLAM! as an interactive piece and not simply as video grabs. The video drew me in, but I’m curious about what the seemingly antagonistic interactive experience would have been like. More choice, more interaction always seems like the way of the future: The way we should be experiencing everything as technology evolves, but BLAM! hits us over the head with how often the idea of more choice is really just a fallacy we’ve bought in to. “Giving a use more buttons to click is like giving extra links to a dog chain”. The fallacy of choice is a tool used by the oppressor to placate the oppressed and make them think they have gained power.


Johannes Gees and CALC “Communimage”

I enjoy the way in which Communimage is a constantly evolving piece of artwork based on community involvement. Just like communities offline grow this artwork continues to evolve and grow based on the new uploads. As the content it is made up of increases it almost resembles some sort of organic, living organism, or like a tree with roots. Drawing a parallel with how often the connections in life and nature can seem random, but when you look closely everything is very carefully interwoven with distinct direction.