Week 10 / by MK luff

Faiyaz Jafri


In terms of pop art I enjoyed the first videos Faiyaz showed. The way he creates new representations of “evil” by combining iconic characters from popular culture was effective. It didn’t matter to me that the models weren’t elegant because I was interested in what they came to represent through their mashups. However, I don’t feel like this translated well into his piece about 9/11 and the collapse of the towers. I think he had an opportunity to create a really interesting piece about the towers but instead removed all the nuance he was trying to reflect upon. By changing the falling positions of the Bambi’s, or making the collapse of the towers into one smooth collapse I think he could have created a much more powerful piece. Instead with the way he rendered the collapse it almost seemed to play into the conspiracy theories that the buildings were blown up in sections rather than collapsed.

Artist Presentation

Artist Statement Mind Map v1

Artist Statement Mind Map v1

Initial Artist Statement

I am a multi-disciplinary visual artist. Sometimes my work is still, sometimes it moves. Sometimes it is digital and sometimes it is physical. It is not limited by a medium, but rather uses each new medium as a means of exploration. But it only occasionally uses audio. I’m not great with audio.

My work is about exploration and emotion. It stems from a curiosity of human emotion and memory. I investigate emotions - the way we process them, our relationship with them, and the way we reveal and project them. My work often utilizes a simple and clean aesthetic to encourage contemplation and help the viewer explore the spaces they occupy and their relationship with that space.

Our emotions are intimately intertwined with our memory, but our memories are malleable. I am curious about the ways we can manipulate our memories, and my work examines the ways we deconstruct and reconstruct memory as well as the ways in which we use those memories to create new layers of self.


My work is not quick or responsive. It is slow thoughtful and deeply emotional.

It is about our relationships with ourselves, with others, with the spaces we inhabit

It attempts to create moments of introspection through active engagement

It demands exploration.


Generative drawing project. Meditative as you watch it draw itself, but also allows a user interaction.


Variations was a set of surreal portraits I created that represent changing emotions through the manipulation of portraits