Week 16 / by MK luff

Artist Presentation Abstract

I am a multi-disciplinary visual artist. Sometimes my work is still, sometimes it moves. Sometimes it is digital and sometimes it is physical. It is not limited by a medium, but rather uses each new medium as a means of exploration. I am striving to create physically interactive installations that help bridge the gap between the digital and the physical by creating emotional connections. My work is about exploration and emotion. It stems from a curiosity of human emotion and memory. I investigate emotions - the way we process them, our relationship with them, and the way we reveal and project them. Our emotions are intimately intertwined with our memory, but our memories are malleable. I am curious about the ways we can manipulate our memories, and my work examines the ways we deconstruct and reconstruct memory as well as the ways in which we use those memories to create new layers of self. My work often utilizes a simple and clean aesthetic to encourage contemplation and help the viewer explore the spaces they occupy and their relationship with that space.

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