Exhibitions / by MK luff

Andy Warhol & Programmed at the Whitney

I remember the first time I saw Andy Warhol’s art in person. I was thirteen and it was at the Albright Knox in Buffalo, NY. I didn’t get it. It all seemed so simple and recognizable, nothing that required real skill. At the time I would have taken an impressionist painting over a Warhol silkscreen any day. But over time my opinions of Warhol drastically changed. Warhol made art out of the everyday, and when I was young I took that for granted, but now I see how it influences so much of the art I love. He looked at the world around him, the mundane, the things we thought we knew without really thinking about them, and remixed them into wild and vibrant imagery. He used repetition as a tool to change the way we looked at the simple things around us.


Art is about the idea and not just the object. Just in the way we talked about how beauty is something we experience and it is not intrinsic to the object, the idea of what art is falls into the same thinking. Is this merely a set of words describing what you’re seeing, or is it art?

Regardless, I really can’t wait to learn how to work with neon. It’s such a great artistic medium. I was drawn to this in the same ways I was drawn to all of Bruce Nauman’s work in neon.