Final Thesis Proposal / by MK luff


In general I feel that my proposal was well received, and I’m excited to see where I can take this over the next year. While I have spent the past few months reworking what the physical form of this project might be and moved away from multiple sculptures in favor of a more singular piece inside an enclosed space, I think I might go back to my original idea of creating multiple forms that would be spread throughout a room. This would give me the flexibility to make each piece a little different and create even more meaning and interaction. I wouldn’t be limited to one form, which doesn’t properly represent all the things I’m interested in exploring through this piece.

I want to keep my main focus on these “chair” pieces for the next year, becuase I do not want to lose track of the main goal of this project by diluting it with too many things. Especially since I have a tendency to over extend myself. But, that being said, I also want to revisit a lot of the feedback I received from Sophia during my midterm critiques. Her and I talked extensively about additional supporting pieces I could create to round out the whole experience of the piece - everything from additional video content to smaller sculptures. So while I am viewing this as a secondary part of my overall project, it is something I want to have in the back of my mind as I move forward with the larger more central part of this project.

Final Proposal - April 30th, 2019

I guess we’re starting to get somewhere?

Thesis Proposal_v1